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Leeds Chinese Christian Church

Leeds Chinese Christian Church

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LCCC is an inter-denominational evangelical Church located in Leeds, Yorkshire.  We have Sunday Services in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. We are a community disciple-making church, seeking to extend the Kingdom of God.  We have student cell groups which we hope that you will feel welcome and join us.

Student Activities

We look forward to seeing you at our Students fellowships, catering for three different languages. It’s a great place to get to know us in LCCC, be supported and get involved! Please contact Ps Kim on 07907251092 for details.

  • Our Student fellowships meet at the Leeds Universities Chaplaincy (Emmanuel Centre), catering for three different languages.Mandarin Speaking Students Group – Thursday, 6:30pm
    English Speaking Students Group – Friday, 6:30pm
    Cantonese Speaking Students Group – Friday, 6:30pm

Service Times

  • 10:30am – English Service

  • 10:30am – Cantonese Service

  • 1pm – Mandarin Service

Where we meet

We meet for our Sunday meetings at... 

Leeds Chinese Christian Church, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, UK

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