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Christ Church Central

Christ Church Central

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Christ Church Central is a friendly, evangelical church that is centred around the good news of all that God has done for us in Jesus. The Bible is therefore at the heart of our ministry, as we hear the Spirit speak to us through his Word. University is a great chance to find your feet in your faith, and establish roots in Jesus that last a lifetime. We therefore run special events and meetings for students, including Focus, our weekly student group. But we’re also keen that you find a home away from home – and the student bubble! So we make sure all students get invited to a family for lunch each week and are as integrated into the wider church life as possible. We’d love to meet you!

Student Activities

As Christians, we want to be mining the riches of God’s word. So every Thursday evening from 7-9pm, we meet as a student group for a Bible study and a talk that aims to unpack the foundations of our faith. It’s a time where we can encourage, challenge and support each other in our Christian lives. We meet at the Quaker Meeting House (188 Woodhouse Lane, just next to the University of Leeds campus), but once a month we gather in someone’s home to share a meal together.

Service Times

Our service begins at 10:30am at The Faversham

Where we meet

We meet for our Sunday meetings at... 

The Faversham, Springfield Mount, Woodhouse, Leeds, UK

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